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Fine Arts Students Give Back
Neva King Cooper Educational Center is a specialized school for students who are profoundly mentally handicapped, ages 3 to 22. NKC children travel into the community bi-weekly transporting them beyond their school grounds for learning experiences.
Neva King Cooper children face serious physical and cognitive challenges. Trying to make a difference in their lives, Riviera students sing, dance and create art alongside this special population. The project exposes the Fine Arts students to groups with special needs thereby teaching them sensitivity and demonstrating how fortunate they are. This is a reciprocal process using their creative skills to teach and learn amongst 2 diverse populations.
Neva King Cooper students delight in working with Riviera Fine Arts students. Although they cannot express themselves with words, their faces reflect joy. As one Riviera student Katrina Erwin says, "this experience makes me realize all the problems I thought I had in my life are insignificant to what those kids have to face everyday." This work is inspirational.