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A New Study Finds Link Between Higher Education and Longer Life Span

August 11, 2015

A core mission of a private school education is to enable and encourage students to pursue higher education from prestigious universities for undergraduate degrees and beyond.

And according to conducted studies, this mission is often achieved. When comparing the standardized test scores of public school students and private high school students, the private school students achieved an average of 50 points higher in the math, reading, and writing categories of the SAT, totaling in a 150 point difference as compared to their public high school peers.

Due to their rigorous course loads and college preparatory tracks, private school students are more likely to feel prepared upon entering the next life step as an undergraduate student. This starts as early as preschool, as studies show that children who attend private preschool are already outperforming their peers in subjects like English and math.

Getting into a good university often affects the outcome of a young student's whole life: from how they engage with coursework to the career they choose upon graduation.

But a recent study is suggesting that a college degree can also offer health benefits in the form of a longer life expectancy.

According to a recent article published in USA Today, a study in the scientific journal PLOS ONE reports that individuals who receive higher education are more likely to outlive those who do not.

Virginia Chang, one of the authors of this study, says that this can partially be attributed to the awareness that education brings. For example, those who are more educated on cardiovascular effects are more likely to understand and integrate health news into their lives.

Other factors that contribute to a longer lifespan are also higher incomes, healthier behaviors, and stronger community and social connections.

As parents, we want our children to have everything in life, especially a long and happy existence. Enrolling your child in Miami private schools will allow them to begin their academic journey in the best way possible. With smaller class sizes and more individualized student attention, a private education facilitates success for every child.