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Tips For Parents: How To Prevent Summer Learning Loss

July 13, 2017
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Splashing in the pool, kicking the soccer ball, and sleeping in late -- summertime surely is a childhood dream. But for young students, summer can also mean major learning loss. Fortunately, parents can keep their children's' brains sharp during the hotter months with the right knowledge and tools. Follow these tips for keeping your child's mind engaged while still having fun this summer. 

  • Set up a reading schedule
    Summer reading is key to keeping up literacy skills. Set off time every day to read with your child or for your child to read independently. Some local libraries even have summer reading challenges for elementary school, middle school, and high school students.
  • Send your child to summer camp
    Not only is summer camp a blast, but it is also highly engaging. Whether you choose a day or overnight camp, your child will come home having learned numerous new skills. Camp is also a great way to sharpen social and communication skills.
  • Flip through math flashcards
    Perhaps that least fun summer activity, practicing basic math is still important. Even just two or three times per week, sit down with your child to go over math facts. At the least, this will keep them fresh on math foundations.
  • Visit your local museums
    Plan a trip to a museum or historical site to learn something new and historical. Your child will be thrilled to get out of the house and experience the sensory activities that museums have to offer. Be sure to ask them questions throughout to challenge their critical thinking skills.
  • Encourage creative play
    Remember that summer is all about play, but there are ways to keep it constructive. Limit screen time and discourage video games as much as possible, encouraging your child to get outside. See if they can come up with any new games to try with their friends.

By taking advantage of summer programs and being proactive at home, you can keep your child thinking all summer. Once they get back to school, they will feel refreshed and creatively charged. Their teacher will thank you for the extra effort. 

To take your child's education to the next level, consider enrolling them in Riviera Schools. With 30,861 private schools serving 5.3 million PK-12 students in the United States, private education can bring a child from good to great.

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3 Less Obvious Advantages of Private School Education

June 28, 2017
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benefits of private school educationA good education is fundamental to leading a prosperous and happy life. But while it is familiar sentiment, how exactly does education foster this higher quality life? After all, many Americans have come out of terrible education systems to achieve great things, right?

While it is true that some people have managed great successes in their lives despite the poor educational options available to them, many had to spend the rest of their lives overcoming that disadvantage.

For parents who might be on the fence about sending their children to public or private school, we wanted to show several of the less obvious benefits of private school education.

  1. Building Better Habits: Children model the behavior of those around them. In their most formative years, the majority of what they learn comes directly from observing the way their parents interact. But once your child begins preschool, school administrators, their teachers, and even their classmates will have an impact on the habits and manners your child forms. Because the majority of private schools have less than half the enrollment of public schools, teachers are better able to model and encourage positive habits.
  2. Make Better Friends: Quick! How many of your high school friends do you still keep in touch with? Chances are that those you still keep up with were ones you met during an extracurricular activity. Unfortunately, many public schools are having to close down their extracurriculars due to budget cuts. By attending a private school, your students will be more able to enroll in extracurriculars and meet students who share their interests and form life-long friendships.
  3. More Life Training: Schools that are struggling to achieve their basic academic goals often struggle to offer the proper life preparation programs. Classes about personal financing, college preparation, and the role and place of the people in government are all important classes that are typically only offered in wealthier public districts, but they are offered in a surprising number of private high schools, and some public middle schools, too!

The benefits of private school education can make all the difference in encouraging your student to hit the ground running after graduation and instill your child with the tools to lead a happier, more productive life. 

How to Turn an Under Performing Student into an Academic: 4 Tips For Parents

June 20, 2017
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high school

It can be difficult to be the parent of a high schooler who is struggling academically. Often times, you can tell that they are under-performing and that if they would only apply themselves, they could turn their grades around.

In the United States, these concerns are compounded by the cult of parenthood. While the idea that childrens' behavior is a reflection on the parents is hardly unique to Americans, we take it a step further by forcing ourselves to go further, spending endless time and energy on maintaining the wellbeing of our child.

To that end, we've put together a few tips we hope will help you improve your high schooler's academic success without sacrificing your own well-being.

Have Them Take a Reading Analysis
A reading analysis is a perfect place to start with academically struggling children because nothing else you do will really matter if they are unable to read the class materials. If your child does have difficulty reading, whether from a lack of solid foundation or because of a learning disability, simply knowing the root of the problem and addressing it head on can be tremendously effective.

Seek Out Help
Understand that often times what a child is struggling with will be outside your wheelhouse. For instance, many states have recently seen a shift in the way that math has been taught. That means that even if you were a capable mathematics student, you might not be the best resource for your child. 

Stay Engaged
Just because you might not be as well-equipped to help your child with their classwork as a tutor doesn't mean that you should wash your hands of the subject altogether. It is vitally important that you keep tabs on your child's education and talk to them about it. Ask them to explain any new and difficult concepts, even if they don't fully understand it. For many, the simple act of vocalizing a concept will help them better understand it.

Enroll Them in Private High School
Not all students learn the same way, and often, under-performing students need a little more attention than their peers. In private schools, class sizes are typically much smaller, about 12.5 students to each teacher compared to public schools where the ratio is 15.4 students to each teacher. 

For parents, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with your child's poor academic performance. There is a temptation to blame both yourself for failing to prepare your child and your child for not applying themselves harder. 

It's important to remember that your high schooler can turn their academic performance around if you take the right steps and have the right opportunities, whether that is a tutor or enrolling in one of the area's top private schools.

If you have more questions about the benefits of private school education, contact Riviera Schools today!

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Thinking About Public Preschool in Florida? Read This First

June 01, 2017
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preschoolThe National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) has released a new study, ranking the quality of publicly funded preschools in the United States, with Florida Public Preschools considered in the lowest tier.

While making their evaluation, NIEER examined a number of factors. Among these factors were class size, the training level for teachers, and medical services. 

Steve Barnett, head of NIEER, said in an interview with NPR"The growing inequality between states that have moved ahead and invested in quality preschool programs and states that have done nothing is really stark."

One reason that public Florida preschools might be performing so badly is their heavy enrollment. Florida is in the top tier for enrollment of four-year-olds, with more than 70% enrollment, no doubt leading to an increase in average class size.

While it is true, any preschool is likely to be better for students in the long run -- a recent review of three studies showed that 80% of children who participated in preschool outperformed their peers who had not -- the significant disadvantage of a public preschool education in Florida will likely be a concern for parents.

Fortunately, there exist a number of high-quality private preschools in Miami and around Florida that can help children get the best preparation for their academic careers and life. 

Even beyond preschool, the benefits of private school education are well documented, leading to a higher enrollment in college and better SAT Scores.

According to the NPR, researchers -- including the ones at NIEER -- are coming to the consensus that better funding is a key component to improving public preschools, an issue that is uniquely avoided by private school option.

But while the NIEER report might be problematic for Florida parents, on the whole Barnett seems pleased, citing the vast improvement of states like Alabama, North Carolina, Rhode Island and West Virginia -- an improvement which Barnett attributes, in part at least, to better quality teachers and smaller class sizes.

If you are a Florida parent looking for the very best of the best preschools in Miami, visit us at Riviera Schools today.

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