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What's New In 2016 - 2017

Riviera Expands its STEM Program into the Elementary School Level

Riviera is a leader in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. At the Prep School, our students have been engaged in the most comprehensive STEM program available. In conjuntion with PLTW (Project Lead the Way -- the leader in STEM curriculum), our high school students continue to thrive in three distinct areas of STEM coursework -- the Biomedical Science Program, the Engineering Program, and the Computer Science Program. Middle school students can elect to study the PLTW Gateway courses and get an exposure to all the STEM areas.

In 2016-2017, Riviera is expanding the STEM curriculum to kindergarten through fifth grade with the PLTW Launch Program. With a dedicated STEM lab for the younger students, each class will have scheduled time in the lab each week, as they progress through hands-on, experience-based learning. 

For detailed information on our PLTW programs click here

New Athletic Field at the Prep

Riviera Preparatory School completed the renovation of its world-class, turf-surface athletic field consisting of organic infill that is proven to be durable, shock absorbing, and emits far less heat than other alternatives.  Riviera Preparatory is one of the first in the nation to implement FieldTurf's Revolution 360® fiber.

FieldTurf® provides a field underdrain system that allows for the ideal playing surface, allowing for broader access that can be played on all the time.  The issue of Miami's year-round rains resulting in cancellation of numerous games and practices slated for grass fields is eliminated.  Not only does it provide safer play with a more durable and even playing surface, it also reduces the impact on our water resources and eliminates the need for pesticides.

One-To-One Tablet Program Expands to Third Grade Students

Beginning this 2016-2017 school year, we are incorporating school-issued tablets into the curriculum for third grade students as a continuation of our existing tablet program.

These students will have access to online books and a multitude of programs including the Microsoft Office Suite of products with OneDrive and OneNote.  The tablets issued to our fourth through twelfth grade students are for use at home and at school, while our third graders' tablets will remain on school premises. The one-to-one tablet program has been in place for many years, and we have witnessed incredible student outcomes. Expanding down to the third grade presents those younger students with a very unique set of learning opportunities. 

The addition of technology in the classroom only enhances the learning process for students, as young people's lifestyles and learning methods are increasingly melded with technology.  The purpose of providing students with individual tablets and integrating technology in teaching and learning is not only to facilitate the process and make it more effective, but to also equip students with the technology skills necessary for everyday life in school and beyond.

Riviera also incorporates multiple tablets into each classroom in kindergarten through second grade. Additionally, these students are allowed to bring in their own devices from home, which must be registered with Riviera in order to give them access to the school's wifi and to provide them with the same protection filters applied throughout the school's network. 

Computer labs on both campuses will boast all new computers this year offering in-depth instruction from general knowledge of computer operation, keyboard skills, and the MS Office Suite of products, to desktop publishing, and more. 

Lunch Provided by SAGE Dining Services®

In 2015 a new lunch program provided by SAGE Dining Services® was offered to our full-day students on both campuses.  SAGE is the largest provider of food service in the country to private independent schools.

All menu choices are pre-approved by SAGE’s team of knowledgeable dietitians and cooked from scratch daily.  Only the freshest of ingredients are used to prepare our meals.  Features such as house-roasted deli meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole-grain breads, fresh salads and house-made dressings, substantial vegetarian and vegan options, and more are readily available to appease even the pickiest eater.  Read further about our lunch program in Support Services under the School Programs tab at the top of this page, or by clicking here.   

Exciting concepts such as the SAGE Spotlight Program® teach our students how to make better food choices. “Educational Seasonings” are featured monthly and include cooking demonstrations, tastings and educational topics such as Cuisines of Australia and New Zealand, Scratch Cooking vs. Factory Food, and Ready, Set, Table.

Click here for the Riviera Schools daily lunch menu.