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Academic Honors Program

Riviera’s qualifying top scholars in grades 1 through 5 may apply for enrollment in the Academic Honors Program. This unique program is designed to specifically address the needs of certain students who are ready and able to dedicate themselves to an additional and demanding workload. At designated times, these students will attend the Honors Program to work on a specialized curriculum incorporating various enrichment activities and accelerated lessons to further develop logical reasoning, cultural literacy, leadership skills, problem solving skills, collaboration skills, cooperative learning, and creative thinking through an interdisciplinary approach.

Some of the activities and projects undertaken are based on grade-appropriate themes such as the Science Fair, stock market, mock trials, Holocaust, Seven Wonders of the World, Amazon rainforest, U.S. symbols and monuments, African safari, the Westward Movement, and more.

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"The Academic Honors Program is one of the highlights of my childrens' experiences.  It provides them with real classroom time to engage deeply in important and exciting topics, using research and critical thinking, sometimes on their own and other times as a group. My kids are always excited when it's an 'Honors' day."
                                                                              ~ Holly Forrester Hawkes
                                                                                Day School Parent

"Honors is a great program where we can learn about lots of new things.  I have been in Honors since first grade and have had lots of new experiences such as doing plays, learning geography, and learning about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and Seven Wonders of the Natural World."        

                                                   ~ Amanda Kaplan
                                                      Day School Honors Student

"Honors class is a very exciting place to learn.  We get to do projects like making our own super heroes, and learning all about Vikings.  In Honors, we put on plays like Oregon Trail and The Lorax.  I love working with Mrs. Johnson because she is really funny and she helps us learn new and interesting things."

                   ~ Keller Evans
                      Day School Honors student


"Academic Honors at Riviera Day School really rocks!  I've been in this program since I came to Riviera, and I could not have enjoyed these classes more. Academic Honors has always been my favorite class.  The curriculum is very diverse, stimulating and up to date. Our teacher, Mrs. Johnson, really understands her students and effortlessly makes us want to learn and know more and more! These classes are mind blowing!"
                                                     ~ Pedro De Castilho
                                                        Academic Honors student