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The preschool program focuses on nurturing a positive, loving scholastic experience in children.  Riviera Day School has established a dynamic preschool program to satisfy the specific developmental needs and enrich the interests of three and four year olds.

Our low student-teacher ratio allows for very creative and individualized care. Children at the preschool age are profoundly influenced by the adults around them and are dependent on the educational experiences that their teachers provide for them. For these reasons, each preschool class is staffed by a teacher and two full-time teacher aides to enable Riviera’s unique sensitivity and concern for each student.

Each child’s mental, physical, and social abilities develop through a multi-sensory approach to education. Individual and group activities stimulate cognitive development and social growth. In addition, teachers often divide classes into smaller work groups and employ a system of learning centers to maximize each student's achievement. Riviera’s organized curriculum and emphasis on self-worth help preschoolers feel confident and secure as they play, work, and experiment with age-appropriate activities. Understanding that these youngsters learn by experience, Riviera provides its preschool students with many manipulative materials to ensure they retain concepts and develop fine motor skills. Early exposure to technology, including classroom computers, tablets, and interactive whiteboards, further aids in reaching curriculum goals. Children develop communication skills, learn about the world around them, enjoy books and listen to stories, and engage in artistic, rhythmic, and dramatic play experiences.

With an emphasis on reading and math readiness, the preschool program actively engages students in the learning process while integrating basic skills and traditional values. Riviera’s advanced math curriculum is first introduced during this early childhood program. The reading program combines a phonics-based approach with several other methods and modalities to maximize the children’s progress. Science and social studies are also important elements of the preschool program and are thematically based to incorporate a wide range of projects and activities relevant to their growing understanding of the world.

Regular visits to the library/media center are designed to foster appreciation and life-long love of reading. At the same time, specialists in music, physical education, and Spanish further supplement and enhance the core preschool curriculum. Additionally, after school care, learn-to-swim classes, gymnastics, cooking, and creative dance are just a few of the activities offered in the After School Program which allow preschoolers to extend their development beyond the classroom setting.

Riviera Day School’s preschool program has prepared thousands of children for future success and continues to offer a traditional, goal-oriented education in a consistently warm and supportive atmosphere.