The Riv Embraces Remote Learning

"On March 17, our faculty and staff seamlessly launched our remote learning platform for all students in preschool through twelfth grade. With meaningful professional development, robust training, and careful planning, our teachers were ready to engage and challenge your children. The day was an incredible success." These are the words of Riviera's Director, Mr. Peter Cohen, as he addressed the school community on the first day of Riviera's remote learning platform. 

As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, Riviera faculty and staff work diligently to maintain a consistent learning environment for our students. Our teachers are inspired to connect with students in creative ways and on an unfamiliar stage. As the entire Riviera community embraces the "new normal," we can say without a doubt that we have the most amazing students, families, faculty, and staff. "I am in awe of the maturity and the attitude of our students; they impress me every day," Mr. Cohen said.

Riviera aims to inspire, motivate, and continue to teach the whole child. Mr. Cohen went on to say, "We promise to give our students our full effort to make the most out of whatever circumstances lie ahead." In these uncertain times, we are confident that the world, and our school, will persevere.

We thank the Riviera community for all of the wonderful messages we've received. Here's what our parents and students are saying about the remote learning experience.

"I want to take the opportunity and personally thank you and your amazing system (teachers, support staff, tech, and all) for allowing our kids to remain engaged, learn, and continue some semblance of "normal life" during this challenging time."

"Thank you so much for going the extra mile and making the online classes such a success. It makes a positive difference during these very uncertain times."

"Congratulations to you all on what was a seamless transition to the virtual teaching platform. It was impressive, but not surprising. You are a fantastic group!"

"The online classes were great! Both of my kids had all the classes with no problem, even Art. I was surprised to see everyone so serious, paying attention and participating, answering and asking questions, like a real classroom. Thank you so much!"

"What a great day today was! I especially loved PE with Coach. We all did the exercises together. Good for the whole family. Thank you for providing us with this incredible platform of learning."

"Kudos on a well organized and efficient launch of remote learning! My kids were engaged, and like the different approach."

"My daughter enjoyed the experience! She was so happy in every class, and at the end of each one, she told me how incredible it was. Thank you so much. Every day I'm more thankful for being part of the Riviera family. We love the school with all our hearts!"

"I am so thankful that my son has been able to continue his classes with minimal disruption and that you have put a system in place that gives him the personal contact with his teachers that we so strongly value. I am repeatedly impressed by all you do to maintain structure, rigor, and a holistic sense of well-being for our children. I am thankful beyond words, to all who have made this transition possible and proud to be a Riviera parent."

"Today has been amazing!! I am so impressed with how smoothly today's learning has gone. We are truly grateful to be part of this school."

"The virtual classes are amazing!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for having this amazing tool available for the kids and all of us during these crazy times. My kids are so happy to see their teachers and friends and to have some type of structure and normalcy. Sooo proud to be a Bulldog!"

"I am so incredibly grateful and impressed!! These teachers haven't skipped a beat. My daughter even completed group work virtually!!! I have always known placing my daughter in this school was the right choice...but now, I'm completely blown away!!!"