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How Technology Can Be Used To Shape Thoughtful and Independent Citizens

Technology use in the lives of young children is hotly debated -- how much is too much? Does using a computer bar kids from learning certain skills? Do computers make kids lazy, or unorganized? Educators from elementary schools to high schools seem to agree that technology is essential to their classrooms in this day and age, but it must be used wisely.

Arts Camp, Tech Camp, What Camp? 3 Unique Summer Camp Programs That Rock

In 2016 alone, there were approximately 2.63 million students enrolled in private elementary schools. That's a lot of children who need their time occupied during the summer. Fortunately, summer camps have evolved a great deal. Here are few types of camps that'll catch the interests of students across the board.

How Your Child Can Benefit From Summer Education

For the majority of families, the phrase "summer school" bares negative reactions, whereas the phrase "summer camp" creates positive ones. The truth is, they can both offer great experiences -- and they don't have to be mutually exclusive. 

3 Life Skills That Your Child Will Get From Attending Summer Camp

Summer camp is a viable option for various lengths of time and can get your child moving around and gaining life experiences. If that isn't reason enough to consider summer programs, here are a few benefits your child will receive. 

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Activities to Keep Your Child's Brain Stimulated This Summer

Summer camps allow your child to participate in sports activities as well as support healthy brain stimulation and encourage peer socialization.

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Private Kindergarten in Miami

Are you looking for the best private kindergarten Miami has to offer? Do you want your child to attend a school where they are challenged, supported, and loved at the highest level? Then it's time to discover the unique environment of Riviera Schools. 

3 Tips for Raising Middle School-Aged Children

Although raising children can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling times in a parent’s lifetime, it can also be filled with quite stressful instances.

Babies, though light sleepers, are relatively easy to care for. Toddlers can be messy but messy in a sweet and adorable way. And even high school students, provided they haven’t turned into evil super villains, can be fine. Dealing with middle school-aged children, however, is a very difficult task on the parenting timeline. 

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Tips For Parents: How To Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Splashing in the pool, kicking the soccer ball, and sleeping in late -- summertime surely is a childhood dream. But for young students, summer can also mean major learning loss. Fortunately, parents can keep their children's' brains sharp during the hotter months with the right knowledge and tools. Follow these tips for keeping your child's mind engaged while still having fun this summer.