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In reality, you shouldn't cross the task of guaranteeing your child a good education off of your to-do list until they've graduated high school. Active parental involvement through every grade is essential for a child's successful education and is what gives the best private schools their esteem.

3 Questions To Ask When You're Considering Prep Schools

From preschool on, all levels of school are important for your child's success. However, one of the most important is the school they attend just before they should be going off to college. Prep schools, short for preparatory schools, are designed to get students ready for college and to succeed there. To sort out the best prep schools from the more average ones and get your child the best education possible, be sure to ask these important questions when you're looking at schools.

The ABCs Of Top Rated Private Schools

Education is a cornerstone of many communities across America, and a parent's choice of where they send their child to school is an important one. Top rated private schools often have certain qualities in common, such as their small class sizes or parental engagement. Parents can sort out the top rated private schools from the pack by looking for certain qualities that will ensure an outstanding education for their child.

The 3 Key Benefits Of Arts In Early Childhood Education

Despite a national focus on math and science in schools, involving students in the arts can prepare them for a full life. The earlier children start engaging in music, drawing, and creating the more that these skills are cemented in their brains.

Cream Of The Crop: 3 Qualities Of A Top Preschool

Choosing a preschool for your child is an incredibly tough process and your brain is likely to go into overdrive thinking of the various pros and cons of each school. As of 2015, 87% of five-year-olds in the United States were in preprimary programs, so you will find the perfect preschool for your little one. While you're looking, consider these common qualities top preschools possess.

Looking Ahead: How To Prepare Your Child For College

Students typically go into college preparation hyper-drive in their junior year of high school. This is when they take standardized tests and start visiting the schools they're interested in. Preparing your child for college can start much earlier in their education, primarily by enrolling them in the best schools, making sure they're in the right classes, and fanning the flames of their passions.

School Yourself: 3 Essential Questions You Must Ask When Looking At Private Kindergartens

Your child's early education shapes the rest of their life, and you want to be sure that it provides everything it possibly can. While your first thought may be "Where is there a private kindergarten near me?," there are many more questions to ask that will filter out the good from the bad. Keep in mind that out of all the schools in the United States, 25% are private. This smaller pool will limit your choice slightly, but there are many top private schools out there.

How Technology Can Be Used To Shape Thoughtful and Independent Citizens

Technology use in the lives of young children is hotly debated -- how much is too much? Does using a computer bar kids from learning certain skills? Do computers make kids lazy, or unorganized? Educators from elementary schools to high schools seem to agree that technology is essential to their classrooms in this day and age, but it must be used wisely.