Cream Of The Crop: 3 Qualities Of A Top Preschool

Choosing a preschool for your child is an incredibly tough process and your brain is likely to go into overdrive thinking of the various pros and cons of each school. As of 2015, 87% of five-year-olds in the United States were in preprimary programs, so you will find the perfect preschool for your little one. While you're looking, consider these common qualities top preschools possess.

Passionate Teachers

The perfect staff makes the perfect educational program for your child. The teachers at top preschools should already be qualified and well-trained as they were hired by the school, but what will set them apart is a clear passion for their job. Look for teachers who speak with the children respectfully and kindly. This kind of interaction indicates that they want the children to succeed and will do whatever they can to make sure they are happy and healthy. The best teachers possess creativity, a sense of humor, a warm personality, and great communication. Check to see that the educators are actually getting onto the floor to interact with the children in a warm and positive way and that they handle conflict productively.

A Great Reputation

The best preschools are ones that you've probably already heard of by word-of-mouth. Ask your trusted friends about their experiences with preschools, or if they have had any informal reviews of certain day schools. The Internet will also have very useful reviews and feedback. Look for groups on social media that discuss where the best schools are and use search engines to find reviews of the preschools that you are considering. Important factors to look for in these reviews are what people liked about the school, how they communicate with the parents, and if the children were happy there.

Active Learning

Children learn the best through discovery and play, otherwise known as active learning. Top preschools have active learning at the very core of their education program. Signs of active learning in a school include plenty of reading time, arts and crafts, music, dance, outdoor play, and exploring the natural world. While these activities may seem more like ways for them to just have fun, they teach children concepts of coordination, fine motor skills, recognizing colors and shapes, and counting.

The surest way to find a preschool that you and your child will love is to know what you're looking for. With a clear picture of the qualities you want in your child's preschool, you'll find the right one that will set them up for a wonderful and successful life. 

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