Dealing With Student Apathy

When you're a teacher, you have many responsibilities in your classroom. Not only do you need to teach your content, but you also have to make sure that your students understand it. Student apathy can make it difficult for you to tell if they are understanding the work. This is an issue in both public schools and top-rated private schools. However, the number of teachers reporting student apathy is different. In public schools, 21% of teachers report that student apathy is a problem in their school. Meanwhile, only 4% of private school teachers say the same. If you're dealing with student apathy, here are three things to try.

Look for Underlying Issues

An apathetic student might not be intentionally misbehaving. There could be other factors at play, even in top-rated private schools. Look for other reasons why the student might not be engaged in school. There could be a mental or neurological issue that requires individualized instruction. Or they might have problems outside of school that are interrupting their education. If you look for issues in a non-judgmental way, you might find there is a reason for the apathy that has nothing to do with school.

Consider Another Approach

Each student learns differently. Something that works well for one student will not click with another. If this is the case, try mixing up your approach. Use different types of instruction, including visual and hands-on work. This might help students find the work more engaging. If you work in top-rated private schools, you probably have the chance to offer more individual attention. Take advantage of this.

Connect with Your Student

Students want to know that their teachers care about them as people. Take the time to connect with the particular student that is showing apathy toward their studies. Treat them like you would any other student and try to show them your own humanity. This connection with an adult can have a major impact on how students approach school.

Student apathy is a major problem, but there are ways to approach it. If you can connect with your students and get them engaged with their schoolwork, they will have a much better experience at school. So, apply these tips as you deal with student apathy.

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