Here's How the Best Preschools Prepare Children for Elementary School

Moving from preschool to elementary school can be tricky for children. The transition can leave even the most intelligent of preschoolers feeling behind. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, 87% of children aged five in the U.S. registered for preprimary programs in 2015. There are several ways preschool teaches your child how to succeed when moving into elementary school. Below are ways in which the best preschools prepare children for elementary school.


Young children easily get distracted, especially when they are learning something new. Your child must know how to focus and remain on task when learning new information. A good preschool will teach your kids discipline that will help them work through distractions. The best preschools concentrate on teaching a complete and well-rounded education that young children need to prepare for elementary school.

Practice With Manipulatives

Your child must get the correct hands-on practice before starting elementary school. They need to have the skills to build and construct things before they can learn to read and create in a classroom. The best preschools will allow your children to use finger paints, blocks, playgrounds, make clay models, and draw with markers and other manipulatives. With this, they are ready for what is expected of them when they get to elementary school.

Problem Solving Skills

The best preschools will provide your child with opportunities that teach them problem-solving skills. Your child will also learn the importance of teamwork and how they can work together to meet their goals. Suppose your child is having trouble with one aspect of a task. In this case, they will be encouraged to find a solution that works for them by working in groups or individually.

Develop Conversation Skills

Children need to have the skills to be able to carry on a conversation when they start elementary school. They need to feel confident enough to communicate with their teachers and classmates to learn more in class. The best preschools make it a priority to teach children how to respond to questions and comments. This ensures your child can react appropriately and convey what they need correctly.

Most parents think that the only thing preschools do is teach children to read, write, and count. The best preschools, however, prepare their students for more. At the same time, they give students the foundation they need in math and other subjects. For more details, please contact us today!

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