The Importance Of Having A Sports Program At Your Private School

By going to a top rated private school, you know your child will receive an education focused on their individual needs and opportunities to continue on to great universities. What you might not know is that your children will also have the chance to participate in excellent sports programs if they attend the best private schools. Know these sports-centered private school advantages and give your child the opportunity to excel in athletics today.

Outstanding Facilities

Private schools are known for their high-quality campuses, and that includes the sports facilities. These facilities differ from school to school, but can include golf courses, rowing crew accommodations, olympic-sized swimming pools, and the more standard gyms and fields for football, baseball, and soccer. Even the more common facilities will be superior at top rated private schools as they can better afford the upkeep and keep them stocked with the latest equipment.

Less Competition

Compared to public schools, private schools typically have fewer students, meaning that there will be less competition for students to get on to the school's athletic teams. While these teams will still have high standards and aim to be competitive with rival teams, students will have more opportunities to make the team and improve their skills, rather than never getting the chance to play on the school teams. Private schools typically have a wider range of sports teams that are not offered at public schools, such as rowing and fencing. This greater sports diversity gives students the chance to find what they enjoy and to participate in it.

Preparation For College Sports

Approximately 95% of graduates from non-parochial private high schools continue on to four-year postsecondary institutions. With the high-quality nature of private school sports teams, this percentage of students who go to these institutions become better prepared for athletics at the collegiate level. They will have learned the valuable skills of teamwork and leadership in their high school teams and be ready for the dedication college sports require.

If you know that your child wants to join sports teams at their high school, consider enrolling them in a private school so that they are fully immersed in the sport of their choice. Sports are as important as any other educational element in schools, and you want to be sure that your child is getting every opportunity possible.

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