These Statistics Prove How STEM Private Schools Have Better Test Outcomes

By 2018, 2.63 million students were enrolled in STEM private schools, which shows the many students exposed to this field nowadays. This is very beneficial to the future of this world due to the many challenges we are facing, such as climate change, population management, and medical issues. These challenges often require critical interventions and a pragmatic education system, which can be learned mostly in private schools. Here are some statistics that show just how important it is to enroll your child in one of these private schools today.

77% of Students Attending Small Classes Had High Grades

Research by American Affairs concluded that 77% of students who went to STEM private schools had better grades than those who attended a school with larger classes. Smaller classes have always been linked to higher academic achievement. Private schools often have smaller class sizes when compared to public schools, which can allow students to be fully engaged and have that one-on-one time they may need to succeed. With science, tech, engineering, and math classes, many students may require a bit more thinking and clarification, making private schools the perfect place to learn about them.

As well as this, higher SAT scores have also been recorded for private schools with the average score being approximately 1235. To help your child achieve higher grades on their exams, including the SAT, it can be beneficial to enroll them in a private school near you.

80% of High School Grads Are Not Ready for STEM Majors

This statistic shows that if more children attended STEM private schools in the United States, we would see a larger percentage of students in college being prepared for their chosen major. Only 20% of students take these majors at a university, but private schools are a great way to increase this percentage and help them be better prepared.

63% of Private Schools Students Get University Degrees

Of the 42% of students who earn degrees from schools across the nation, 63% are high school grads from private schools. Among these, 46% are girls who are encouraged to major in science, tech, engineering, and math in university. Some private schools often invite professionals already pursuing STEM careers to interact with each of the students to pique their interest in this field. This can help your child figure out what they want to do as a career for the rest of their life, which can be hard for many students.

STEM private schools have been shown to have better outcomes than the regular education system because of the small classes as well as the many opportunities in the job market for graduates. Reach out to us today to learn more about STEM private schools and how they can benefit your child.

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