Why Is Parent Involvement Important in Private Elementary Schools?

A lot of parents believe that their children's education should be left in the hands of their teachers. According to JSTOR, about 24% of public school teachers complain that the lack of parental involvement is a problem in their schools. On the other hand, only 3% of private school teachers face this issue. While there's some truth to the fact that teachers play a huge role in education, parents should be involved too. But how do students benefit from their parents being more involved in their elementary school education? Read on to find out more.

Children With Involved Parents Adapt Well at School

According to the National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education, no matter a child's background, if their parent is actively involved in their elementary school education, they are more likely to handle school life well. When parents work hand in hand with teachers at elementary schools, the chances for their children to attend school regularly are higher. It's also been shown that such children tend to have better social skills, and they show improved behavior at school. Last but not least, parent involvement helps children adapt well to school. This is because there will be an open line of communication between the parent and the teacher, and any problems the child has will be stamped out before they develop into more complicated issues.

Academic Success

After all, academic success is one of the most favorable outcomes of any schooling program. Parent involvement sets up children for academic success. It also helps create a solid foundation for the rest of the child's academic years. This can increase the student's chances for future opportunities. Students with engaged parents are present to learn, and their learning continues at home as well. Teachers at elementary schools will be able to communicate the child's challenge to the parent, who will then do what they can to help their child overcome whatever difficulty they might face.

Improved Teacher Morale

This is another significant benefit of parental involvement in elementary schools. When a parent is actively involved in their child's education, they usually have positive feelings toward the teachers. In turn, this makes the child's teachers feel more appreciated. The advantage of this is that it will boost the teacher's morale, and that will mean better dedication to the education and success of the student.

These are some of the benefits of parental engagement. There are other benefits like better classroom behavior. Children with engaged parents have been shown to behave better in the classroom. The parent's positive attitude toward the child's teachers is also reflected in the child's own attitude towards education.

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