Faculty & Staff

Riviera is firmly committed to recruiting the most qualified professionals available to be members of our faculty and staff. Our teachers are dedicated and talented professionals, many of whom hold advanced degrees.

An interested, enthusiastic, and devoted faculty is an integral part of providing the finest education possible. Riviera is proud to have an innovative, creative, and concerned staff which focuses on meeting the needs of each student. Moreover, because education should be a cooperative effort between parents and the school, parents are encouraged to maintain open lines of communication with the faculty and administration.

Mr. Peter E. Cohen
Director, Riviera Schools


Day School Administration

Dr. Ana Rodriguez

Mrs. Betty Johnson
Assistant Principal

Preparatory School Administration

Mr. Patrick Snay

Mr. Dennis Gatto
Associate Headmaster

Mr. Jorge Ortega
Director of Financial Operations

Dr. Grizel Arencibia
Director of Academic Advancement

Mrs. Jessica Lanz
Dean of Student Affairs

Mrs. Danielle Rivero
Director of Counseling

Mr. Courtney Young
Athletic Director

Mrs. Olga Mestre
Director of Admissions, Riviera Schools

Mrs. Allison Cohen
Associate Director of Admissions, Riviera Schools