With an emphasis on small classes and a carefully selected and well-trained staff, we challenge each student to develop his or her full potential. Through a multi-modal and multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning, students capitalize on their strengths from preschool through high school. While Riviera encourages cooperation among students, we recognize each person as an individual and support independent thinking.

Our diverse student body represents a varied cultural and socioeconomic cross section of our surrounding community. Riviera is fortunate to have students of different national origins, many of whom are fluent in several languages. With this exposure to our multicultural society, our students gain a more global perspective and broader insight into the world around them. This heterogeneous environment also sensitizes students to individual differences and creates an increased tolerance and respect for others.

Our faculty and administration are dedicated to providing a structured, challenging, friendly, and supportive environment for learning and expect all students to be productive and dedicated members of the student body. We provide numerous opportunities for each student to become actively involved in our numerous academic, social, and athletic opportunities.

We believe that a strong foundation in education provides students with the groundwork necessary for achievement in their future endeavors. Students at Riviera grow to demonstrate flexibility, initiative, social and cross-cultural skills, productivity, accountability, leadership, and responsibility. Small classes, close student-teacher relationships, parental involvement, a broad-based curriculum, a variety of curricular enhancements and extracurricular activities, and a talented faculty and administration all combine to make Riviera a unique and exciting school community.