Business Program

Riviera Preparatory has partnered with High School of Business to offer students a continually updated, challenging, and comprehensive business curriculum. High School of Business is sponsored by the Marketing and Business Administration Research and Curriculum Center and has developed a scaffolding business curriculum that instructs students through problem-based and project-based pedagogy. Students may elect to take the introductory course of Leadership and Wealth Management Honors before embarking on the required courses for the program. All of the required business courses are offered at the honors level, culminating with a required business-based, observational internship of at least twenty hours in the senior year or the summer preceding. The program is designed to be flexible, enabling students to elect to take some of the courses, even if they are unable to complete the entire curriculum. Through this rigorous curriculum, Riviera will prepare its students to excel in college-level business administration programs as well as future business endeavors.

What to Expect

The Courses:
Following a model similar to a college-level business administration program, students will take courses in economics, marketing, management, and finance. 

Projects and Teams
In addition to individual work, students will tackle projects and problems in a team environment. Project results are communicated through various channels, including professional business-style presentations, written reports, skits, and written reflections.

Business Community:
Students interact with community businesses in order to gain real-world perspectives by visiting businesses, engaging with guest speakers, receiving professional feedback, and more. Toward the end of the program, students are exposed to the world of business through an observational internship with a business executive. 


Program of Study