Stem : Grades K - 5

With Project Lead the Way Launch, students will attend PLTW classes weekly, receiving instruction and guidance in solving situational and age-appropriate investigations, blending computer science, engineering, biomedical science, physical science, and math. Students will explore the worlds of light and sound, structure and function, forces, robotics and animation, animal adaptations, and properties of matter. They will understand the nature of our Planet Earth, the functions of each organ of the human body, and how to design and create a playground structure that will protect us from ultraviolet radiation. Students will be immersed in activities involving critical and creative thinking, developing team building skills, and diving into new and exciting challenges.




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"As my students in kindergarten through fifth grade engage in Project Lead The Way, I have the opportunity to see them Launch into a program that taps into their natural curiosity about the world around them. It is wonderful to see how eager they are to learn and experience STEM and apply their vision of exploration and innovation."

Minerva Aguirre, Stem Teacher

Discovering STEM


I've been fascinated with science and engineering since I was five. Mrs. Aguirre made learning fun by teaching us to use STEM to solve real life mysteries.

-Mateo Velasquez
6th Grade Student

I love STEM because we get to do different hands-on activities.

- Annika Jardim
5th Grade Student

I like learning about dinosaurs and planets that move around the sun in lines.

- Adam Rizvi
Kindergarten Student