Max and Ruth Cohen Financial Aid Program

Our financial aid program is available to students in grades six through twelve. Riviera is sensitive to the financial commitment families undertake to send their children to our school. Even though the family bears the primary obligation of the cost of a child's education, Riviera allocates significant funds each year to provide financial assistance to deserving students with financial need. In turn, the school community benefits by attracting talented students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Riviera.

To objectively assess a family's ability to contribute to a child's educational expenses, Riviera uses Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) as an objective third party. Our Financial Aid Committee awards tuition assistance based on FAST's recommended level and the availability of funds.

Please access the FAST web site by clicking on the icon below. Once there, click on the Create Account button in the New User section to begin your application. You will need to submit your Federal Income Tax Returns directly to FAST. There is a fee of $53 to process the application. Once completed, your application will be available immediately to Riviera's Financial Aid Committee for review.

Students applying for financial aid must submit applications by the following deadlines:

January 15 Admissions Applications Due
February 1 Financial Aid (FAST) Applications Due
March 1 Financial Aid and Admissions decisions are emailed to applicants

To contact the FAST Help Center please call 877-326-3278

Please contact our Admissions Office at 786-300-0300 if you have any questions.