Senior Spotlight

Class of 2019

Each year, Riviera's Senior Bulldogs serve as role models for their peers as they navigate their last year in high school. They are experiencing everything that high school has to offer one last time! This is an exciting and emotional time while they prepare for the next steps in their educational journeys. Here are some thoughts shared by Riviera's seniors when asked to reflect on their high school experience.





University of chicago

"I want students to know that college admission has become so competitive that it is crucial for them to develop effective communication skills in order to be successful in college and beyond. The ability to read and write effectively was essential for me to keep up with a rigorous curriculum and demonstrate my unique personality along the way. Riviera has the tools to help you achieve your goals, but you have to do your part and put in the hard work."
- Benjamin Vaca





high point UNIVERSITy

"All of my teachers, the staff, and my counselor at Riviera have made me feel welcome and comfortable. My Counselor, Ms. Castellanos, was always open to helping me achieve my goals because everyone believed in me and encouraged me to succeed."
- Marissa Cohen





University of

"I am so glad that I was a part of the Riviera family in my last years of high school. As a result, I was truly able to prosper as President of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America), and also as a member in multiple clubs and honor societies such as Mu Alpha Theta and NHS. The support of my incredible teachers and friends has prepared me for the exciting journey ahead!"
- Avantika Masrani





New York university

"Riviera has allowed and even encouraged me to find hobbies and activities outside of the classroom. Throughout my time here, I have discovered my love for athletics and leadership positions in clubs. Many faculty members also made my time here great. During the college admissions process, my counselor was always extremely helpful and supportive, even in times when I found myself completely lost. The staff were always there for anything I needed; they were essential in my academic journey at Riviera"
- Valentina Ruiz






"Riviera has helped prepare me for college by encouraging me to get involved in a diverse group of clubs and activities. I focused on getting involved in honor societies and sports. Teachers were very supportive of me and were always available for help."
- Isabella Siu





California institute of technology

"The individualized attention I received from my teachers and my counselor was crucial in my academic success. My teachers were always available for one to one conversation and assistance with an academic concept. I encourage other students to make good use of the resources available to students and develop relationships with their teachers."
- Juan Arvelo





Berklee College of Music

"Riviera encouraged me to participate in extracurricular activities that I might not have considered otherwise. I knew that it was important to get involved in my school and community. My commitment to music also made me a competitive applicant for college."
- Sabrina Messinger





University of Florida

"I have been at Riviera since first grade, and as a senior now, I realize the ample opportunity given to me to pursue my interests. These opportunities served as a breeding ground for my work ethic and passion for the physical sciences and mathematics. Now admitted to a prestigious undergraduate research program and Honors College at the University of Florida, I am excited to further my aspirations born from my Riviera coursework."
- Christopher Perez