Extracurricular Activities

Riviera firmly believes in encouraging children to participate in activities beyond the normal school day. Doing so allows children to interact with other children and adults outside of their regular classroom environment, pursue individual interests, and develop additional skills. Riviera offers a wide range of activities for all ages, and these programs are consistently popular among the students.

After School Activities

Riviera offers an incredibly diverse range of After School Activities for students in preschool through the fifth grade. Each semester students can choose from activities in the following categories:

Arts, Games & Culture

Arts & Crafts, Ceramics/Copper Enameling, C.H.E.F., Chess, Drama Adventures, KAPLA blocks and LEGOS, Los Amigos Spanish class, and Story Hour

Engineering & Robotics

Apprentice Engineering, Little Builders, Traveling to the Future, Junior Engineering

Music & Voice Lessons

Carry a Tune?, Magical Music, and Music & Voice Lessons

Body & Mind

Ballet, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Intramurals, Karate, Kidokinetics, Prana Yoga, Tennis, Tumblebees, and Zumba

Science & Strategy

Chess, Game Design, Nexplore

These activities provide students opportunities to develop skills, have fun, and interact with children and adults outside of their regular classroom environments, and have proven, throughout the years, to be a rewarding experience.

After School Sports

Intramural Sports offers students in grades one through five the opportunity to play competitively or recreationally in a variety of sports and activities on designated days after school throughout the year. Our Intramural Sports Program promotes friendly competition and fun among our students.

The Flying Fish, coached by former Olympic swimmer, Andrew Phillips, gives our students the techniques and strategies necessary to get to the end of the lane first.

Basketball is staffed by Shahbaz Elite Training. Shooting, dribbling, conditioning, weaving, and blocking are just some of the skills that will be practiced and perfected.

Paris Saint-Germain Soccer Academy provided our students with a comprehensive and genuine European soccer experience that is promised to be unmatched. Only the absolute best coaching staff is good enough for this world-renowned soccer organization.

Swimming Lessons

At the end of the school year, Riviera offers optional after school swim classes for its students from three years old through first grade. These lessons are designed for non-swimmers as well as more advanced swimmers