Food Services

All full-day students on both campuses enjoy the finest of dining experiences prepared daily by SAGE Dining Services®, the largest provider of food service in the country to private independent schools.

All MENU choices are pre-approved by SAGE’s team of registered dietitians who analyze recipes and review menus for balance, completeness, and accuracy. Menu choices are cooked from scratch daily by an accomplished culinary team that tailors menus and prepares meals using seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible. We strive to keep our students healthy and happy by offering features such as house-roasted deli meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole-grain breads, fresh salads and house-made dressings, substantial vegetarian and vegan options, and more.

Healthy Programs & New Concepts

Concepts such as the SAGE Spotlight Program® focuses on nutrition and teaches our students how to make better food choices. Color-coded dots are assigned to all menu items to help guide their decisions and practice variety, balance, and moderation.

“Educational Seasonings” will be featured monthly and will showcase educational materials and menus placing food in cultural and historical contexts. Cooking demonstrations and food tastings will further enhance this monthly event. Topics such as Cuisines of Australia and New Zealand, Scratch Cooking vs. Factory Food, and Ready, Set, Table are already scheduled.

Exciting trends in global cuisine will be introduced to our students through concepts such as Crossroads, fast, fun and portable, like you’d find at food trucks or mobile food carts; Vegitas, chef-inspired vegan and vegetarian fare; Paquito’s, authentic Latin cuisine; and Pacific Time, authentic flavors of the Far East. Click here to access SAGE’s website for further details.

Are Food Allergies A Concern?

SAGE understands the importance of accommodating students with food allergies and other dietary restrictions. Click on the menu link below for Riviera Schools' daily menu and follow the directions to access the allergen tagging filter.