The libraries at each campus are focal points for each and every student at Riviera. All students at the Day School campus have regularly scheduled visits to the library to read a wide variety of high-quality books of various topics and genres and learn library skills. Preparatory School students may visit the library during free periods, tutorial sessions, or as a part of their course curriculum. After school, the libraries are open to all students and parents for research, reading, and computer usage. Riviera is proud to house approximately 15,000 volumes in its libraries which serve as an excellent resource for information.

The library catalog and circulation systems are completely automated, and early in their educational careers, students learn how to use these systems to search for books and utilize the resources on the library shelves. Moreover, the Internet offers students a wealth of information beyond the walls of the library. Additionally, the library serves as a focal point and resource for our Accelerated Reader program for the Day School students.