Experiential Learning

Reading about the life-cycle of a Monarch butterfly may be fun, but caring for and witnessing this endangered creature's habitat is awe-inspiring. Preschool students oversee a beautiful butterfly garden for all students in preschool through fifth grade to enjoy. Using environmentally friendly plants native to Florida and a rain barrel for irrigation, students care for the garden while personally experiencing the life process from caterpillar to butterfly right before their eyes. The garden is a favorite for storytelling and singing outside the classroom setting.

Middle and high school field experiences allow students to explore their interests as they plan for their future. Young explorers and future marine conservationists dive into the deep blue sea trying their hand at shark-tagging, budding health care professionals work side-by-side with physicians at local hospitals, broadcast journalists practice their skills for the student body, and promising political leaders are put to the test in speech and debate competitions. A multitude of hands on experiences provide a well-rounded, and exciting educational experience for all students at Riviera Prep.

Miami's geography and climate offer many opportunities for exploration. Our young scientists visit the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center each year to study sea-life along the beach, to observe mangrove habitats, and to collect interesting sea artifacts. Students also visit many iconic Florida attractions such as the Museum of Discovery and Science, Everglades Alligator Farm, Safari Edventure, Disney's Magic Kingdom, Pinto Farms, and Actor's Playhouse, to name a few.

Bulldog Breakout Week

Experiential learning is an important part of our curriculum for students of all grade levels. During Bulldog Breakout Week, students in grades six through twelve are exposed to learning experiences outside the classroom each day.

While some students choose to participate in trips to cities like Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Toronto, other students remain in Miami to delve into the arts, explore career choices, learn how to stay fit and healthy, experience unique aspects of our great city, and participate in amazing community service events. All middle school students have an opportunity to attend an adventure-filled camping trip, where they will bond with classmates, making lifelong memories. 

Bulldog Breakout Week offers Riviera students an opportunity to explore the world beyond the classroom.

Circle F Ranch

Explore . . . Dream . . . Discover . . .

hands on at the Perez Art Museum
The riviera Rockettes perform at the university of Miami
Preschool students and the Coral Gables Fire Department
Prep students visit Chicago