Activities to Keep Your Child's Brain Stimulated This Summer

Activities to Keep Your Child's Brain Stimulated This Summer
The weather is changing for the better, which means children are about to be on summer vacation. For the kids, a break from school is healthy, and it gives them a reprieve from the stress of schoolwork.

That doesn't mean they should spend two months sitting in front of the television binge-watching Netflix Originals or playing every Xbox game they own. It's important for children to stimulate their brain and their muscles during summer vacation. Below are some things that can keep your children entertained during the summer while encouraging growth.

Summer Camp

Probably one of the best ways to get kids on their feet and engaged with things other than a screen is summer camp. Depending on the camp, they can offer day programs and/or overnight, as well as different lengths of attendance. Some camps might offer two week-long programs, but allow you to enroll your child in as many of them as you want. Summer camps allow your child to participate in sports activities as well as support healthy brain stimulation and encourage peer socialization. The lessons that children learn at camp can help prepare them for adulthood and can keep their brain engaged, allowing for an easier transition come next school year.

Sports Programs

Some schools may offer summer sports programs, which allow kids to continue participating in athletics in the off-season. For many middle school- and high school-aged children, sports provide a way to be involved in something bigger than themselves and help encourage self-confidence. Certain teams may travel to other schools with similar summer programs, or simply practice among themselves. Summer sports teams can also be a great way for a child who wants to play a sport, but is cautious about doing so during the school year, to actively participate.

Reading Challenges

There are various reading challenges promoted through education programs or publishing companies that encourage children to read during summer vacation. The challenge involves reading throughout the summer months and logging the number of books read or the number of minutes spent reading. Reading challenges give children an incentive to read while simultaneously keeping their brain stimulated. If you or your child are hesitant to participate in a promoted reading challenge, consider creating your own challenge with your own incentives, such as going out for ice cream for every 100 pages read.

It's important to keep your children engaged during the summer so that they can get right back into the swing of things next year. An astounding 21% of public school teachers and 4% of private school teachers claim that student apathy is a problem in their schools. So encourage your children to be active this summer both physically and mentally.
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Activities to Keep Your Child's Brain Stimulated This Summer

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