Public Versus Private Kindergartens: Which is Best for Your Child?

Public Versus Private Kindergartens: Which is Best for Your Child?

While most children may not remember their time in kindergarten compared to their high school years, it is still a necessary foundation on which their education is built. Kindergarten teaches children many valuable lessons, including ones regarding creativity, expression, and socializing. It marks a big leap for children, and picking just any kindergarten can deprive your child of a truly unique and advantageous opportunity.

When it comes time to decide whether to send your child to public or private kindergarten, there are pros and cons to both sides that you should consider.

Teaching capabilities

Teachers are incredibly important to your child's education at any stage in their schooling, particularly at the kindergarten level. One of the main pros to public school is that the teachers are required by law to hold various licenses and meet certain criteria in order to properly cater to children with special learning conditions. However, there are some private schools that offer attention solely to those with special needs. Moreover, private schools have a smaller class size with a lower student-to-teacher ratio, meaning children can get more of a personalized one-on-one experience.

Character building

Public schools can certainly build character but it is more or less in the hands of the student to do so. In private schools, particularly private kindergartens, educators not only focus on your child's ability to grow intellectually but on their ability to grow morally and behaviorally as well. Private schools tend to place a higher value on building characteristics such as honesty, integrity, respect, and even friendship.

School resources

There are many significant differences between public and private schools, but one of the key variances is funding. Private schools don't rely on taxpayers to fund their programs and are instead funded by tuition and endowments, similar to that of a university. That means private schools are often better funded to provide your child with the resources and tools that they need to grow as an individual. A private kindergarten could have everything from learning technology to a foreign language instructor.

Not only do private schools seem to take the edge when it comes to your child's current education, but private school counselors report spending 55% of their time on college-related counseling whereas public high school counselors report only spending 22% of their time on the same thing. Every level of education that your child goes through, whether elementary schools, prep schools, or high school, it's important that they grow as an individual.

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Public Versus Private Kindergartens: Which is Best for Your Child?

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