The 3 Key Benefits Of Arts In Early Childhood Education

Despite a national focus on math and science in schools, involving students in the arts can prepare them for a full life. The earlier children start engaging in music, drawing, and creating the more that these skills are cemented in their brains. While you consider the private schools Coral Gables has to offer, be sure to look for preschool programs that emphasize the importance of the arts. The benefits of young children learning the arts can resonate in these ways for the rest of their lives.

Improved Motor Skills

Whether your child engages in the arts by playing an instrument, painting on canvas, or making a pipe cleaner craft, they will learn how their hands can make something real. According to the National Institutes of Health, around age three children should reach the developmental milestones of drawing a circle and starting to use safety scissors. At age four, children should be able to draw a square and cut in straight lines with scissors. Even by playing a simple instrument like the recorder, young kids in elementary schools will learn to move their fingers and hands to create music.

Increase In Visual Learning

Children are taking in visual information from the day that they're born. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets in many households, children also learn to take in visual information from these digital devices. By engaging youngsters in drawing, clay sculpting, and bead threading they can develop important visual-spatial skills. Rather than simply focusing on two-dimensional objects in these devices on or book pages, children need to also handle three-dimensional objects successfully.

Better Language Development

Making art gives young children to chance to learn words for colors, shapes, and actions. Activities like communal drawing and painting give kids the chance to take about their creations in group settings and share what their visions were when they made the piece of art. Art is also an excellent way for children to express emotions, especially complex ones that they may not yet have words for. By having children draw out what they are feeling, they can interpret the creations for you and learn out to voice their emotions.

Within the United States in 2016, about 2.63 million students were enrolled in private elementary schools. When you enroll your children in the best private schools Coral Gables offers, you will be exposing them to essential art learning. 

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