Why Parental Involvement In Education Is Incredibly Important

You know your child's education is important, and so you've scoured the top rated private schools in the area and found the perfect one. At this juncture, you may think that your educational responsibility is completed.

In reality, you shouldn't cross the task of guaranteeing your child a good education off of your to-do list until they've graduated high school. Active parental involvement through every grade is essential for a child's successful education and is what gives the best private schools their esteem.

Encourages Academic Achievement
The goal of sending your children to top rated private schools is that they thrive academically. While the school itself is important in this regard, so is the level of parental involvement. Studies have found that students perform better in school when they have parents who are involved with their schoolwork. When compared to students with uninvolved parents, those with engaged parents receive better grades and have better reputations with teachers.

Eases Transitions Between Grades And Behavioral Issues
For most children, behavioral issues begin to crop up in their tween and early teen years, which is also when many students will be transitioning from middle school to high school. When parents continue to involve themselves in their children's education at this stage, rather than back away from the responsibility now that they are older, students have lower rates of substance use and delinquency. In the classroom, children with involved parents tend to behave less aggressively and act better than those without involved parents.

Improves Student Attendance
Parents who are involved naturally value school and encourage their children to consistently attend. In turn, when children receive help from their parents in regards to education, they tend to feel more academically competent. With this confidence, they are less likely to want to avoid going to school and will instead be diligent about their own attendance.

One of the Miami differences between public and private schools is the level of parental involvement. In public schools, 24% of teachers report that the lack of involved parents is a problem in their school, while just 3% of private school teachers report the same issue. When you're involved in your child's education, you'll not only be helping them but the school as a whole to succeed.

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