Fine & Performing Arts

With a firm commitment to the fine arts and deep appreciation of the benefits such programs bring to our students, we ensure that the arts are an integral part of the curriculum at all levels and ages. We try to open our students' eyes and help them appreciate not only works of art but also artistic qualities in all aspects of their daily lives. As students' perceptions deepen and as their knowledge expands, they implement their own creative ideas with increasing confidence and skill.

Riviera guides students to develop their talents. The visual arts program exposes students to a broad range of artistic elements, techniques, and media while fostering an appreciation for the history of art.

The faculty encourages students to be creative and thoughtful at all levels. Students often discover untapped artistic talents and find art to be an alternate outlet for expressing themselves. Students look forward to our annual Art Fairs and our contributions to other fairs and exhibitions, for which our students routinely receive awards and recognition.

The Arts at The Riv

Prep School Fine & Performing Arts

Riviera's Fine Arts and Performing Arts Department is comprised of numerous Dance, Music, Performance, and Visual Arts classes including Drama, Apparel Design, Theater Design and Production, Architecture, Graphic Design and Cartoon Animation. At Riviera, we believe the arts are essential to the holistic education of every child and cultivate the passion for lifelong learning. In addition to nurturing an enriching atmosphere, the department upholds rigorous educational standards. Our curriculum establishes the foundation for intellectual growth and cross-curricular enrichment. As a unique component, the Fine Arts and Performing Arts Department not only provides culture for the Riviera community, but also serves as a vehicle for students to serve as outreach ambassadors for the surrounding neighborhoods with an emphasis on under-served populations.



The 39 Steps


Beauty and the Beast

The Buzz. . .

"Pushing the Broadway musical limits, this year's offering of "Beauty and the Beast" at Riviera Preparatory School never fails to impress the audience with deliciously fun staging and choreography combined with beautiful costuming and frenetic energy from an enthusiastic cast. A delightful coterie of furniture, kitchenware and knick-knacks sweep the audience off their feet into a world where the lines between imagination and reality seriously blur. From Belle's mellifluous voice to the deep baritone of the Beast, the brash, effusively over-confident Gaston and the seductively suggestive Lumiere inviting all of us to "Be Our Guest", this grand production continuously entertains.
-Dr. Bruce Greenstein

"Opening night amazingly came together, and it was very special to be part of the unique experience where my middle schooler in a dance class and my high schooler in a theater tech class were sharing the experience of putting on a show together. The support the cast and crew gave each other was something to behold. I was also so impressed by the flow of the show, like a tango, it had intensity and passion, and then levity and humor. The solos were poignant, and the ensemble numbers were phenomenally exciting."
-Dr. Perri Young

Be our guest
Be our guest....

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Beauty and the Beast

Show Highlights

Little Shop of Horrors

Two by Two

from The Book of Mormon

The Odd Couple


Theater Design and Production

Theater Design and Production

Vocal Ensemble


Fine Arts

Day School Fine & Performing Arts

The early childhood curriculum incorporates a wide variety of manual arts exercises, materials, and manipulatives into everyday learning experiences. Reading, writing, math, social studies, and science frequently interweave with artistic elements and projects in order to build students' artistic and motor skills while enhancing the learning process. Elementary students visit the art room for art instruction on a regular basis.

All students in preschool through fifth grade regularly visit the music room for lessons in rhythm, singing, reading music, and playing musical instruments. Students in first and second grade are introduced to the recorder, third grade continues their exposure to wind instruments, and fourth and fifth grade students choose between the flute and the clarinet.

Riviera students provide great entertainment for parents and family members in our annual Holiday Programs. Those students who are most interested can also join music groups, such as chorus and band, which frequently perform at various community events. Other Day School students enjoy participating in after school private instrumental and voice lessons.


Fine Arts

Annual Art Show Highlights



"The Holiday Show is a long-standing tradition at Riviera Day School, and one that the students love. They work so hard to entertain the audience members, and the final performance is always a hit! Inevitably, at the end of each show, the administrators, grinning widely, always turn to each other and say, "that was awesome." Now, if you ask me what I feel is the absolute BEST part of the whole performance, the answer is easy - it's the gleam in the students' eyes and the smiles on their faces when their parents tell them how wonderful they did. Those moments make it all worthwhile."

- Dr. Ana Rodriguez, Principal

"The Holiday Show is one of my favorite events of the year. Watching the students beam with pride and rise to the challenge of performing in front of hundreds of people is inspiring."
- Mr. Peter Cohen, Associate Director