Fine & Performing Arts

With a firm commitment to the fine arts and deep appreciation of the benefits such programs bring to our students, we ensure that the arts are an integral part of the curriculum at all levels and ages. We try to open our students' eyes and help them appreciate not only works of art but also artistic qualities in all aspects of their daily lives. As students' perceptions deepen and as their knowledge expands, they implement their own creative ideas with increasing confidence and skill.

Riviera guides students to develop their talents. The visual arts program exposes students to a broad range of artistic elements, techniques, and media while fostering an appreciation for the history of art.

The faculty encourages students to be creative and thoughtful at all levels. Students often discover untapped artistic talents and find art to be an alternate outlet for expressing themselves. Students look forward to our annual Art Fairs and our contributions to other fairs and exhibitions, for which our students routinely receive awards and recognition.

The Arts at The Riv