Riviera Preparatory School

Private Schools in Miami for Grades 6 through 12

For parents, nothing is more important than the education of their children. Education is the key to success . . . unlocking doors and providing the foundation for a successful future.

As a private college preparatory school in Miami, we offer a unique approach to education that not only gives students the tools they need for success in life, but also gets them excited about learning.

Because of our focus on small-sized classes and student-teacher interaction, Riviera's students create bonds for life. In addition, our Private Schools in Miami offer its students incredible programs and resources:

  • A tablet for each student
  • Online resources and texts to improve involvement
  • Interactive boards and displays to allow a multimedia, multisensory approach to education
  • Emphasis on STEM, with a strong partnership with Project Lead the Way in areas such as computer science, biomedical science, and engineering
  • Honors and Advanced Placement Classes
  • Broad and comprehensive offering of electives
  • Wide variety of student organizations and clubs
  • Outstanding Fine and Performing Arts department
  • Comprehensive developmental and competitive athletic program
  • Individualized college counseling for each student

Riviera Preparatory School serves students from middle through high school. In 2011, we opened the new Preparatory School campus with approximately 100,000 square feet of facilities which is spread out over almost 14 acres. The campus includes a media center, auditorium, dance studio, gymnasium, weight room, fine arts wing, science labs, multi-purpose fields, and an aquatics center. Courses are leveled according to student ability, and students begin pursuing elective coursework in sixth grade.

Our unique approach is predicated on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each students in a way that celebrates their accomplishments and skills, while challenging them to challenge themselves.


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