Senior Camps at Riviera Prep

Empower Your Summer: Discover, Learn, Excel

Dive into a summer filled with challenges, learning, and fun at Riviera Prep's Senior Camps! Designed for campers entering 3rd through 10th grade, this unique program combines specialized clinics with a broad array of activities, ensuring a summer that’s both enriching and unforgettable. Here, every camper finds their passion, hones their skills, and forges new friendships, all within the supportive and vibrant community of Riviera Schools.

A Journey of Discovery & Growth

Riviera Prep's Senior Camps are the epitome of a summer well spent. Our camps uniquely combine specialized Clinics in areas ranging from sports to the arts with a wide array of Selective activities, providing a summer experience that is both enriching and exhilarating. This innovative blend allows campers to immerse themselves deeply in their chosen fields, acquiring in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, while the flexible structure encourages exploration across a diverse range of fun and engaging activities. It’s this dynamic balance that makes our Senior Camps not just places to spend the summer, but spaces to thrive.
Whether refining a specific talent or discovering a new interest, campers at Riviera Prep's Senior Camps experience a summer where fun meets purpose, leaving them with skills and memories that last a lifetime.





2024 Senior Camp Details

Nestled in the expansive Riviera Prep campus, our Senior Camp combines focused learning with broad-ranging exploration:
  • Program Structure: Campers select one primary Clinic for each session, complemented by various Selective activities, allowing for a personalized and comprehensive summer experience.
  • Session Dates
    • Session 1: June 10 - June 21 (Closed on June 19)
    • Session 2: June 24 - July 5 (Closed on July 4)
    • Session 3: July 8 - July 19
    • Session 4: July 22 - August 2
  • Camp Fees
    • 1 session: $850
    • 2 sessions: $1,700
    • 3 sessions: $2,550
    • 4 sessions: $3,400

2024 Clinics

At Riviera Prep's Senior Camp, each clinic is crafted to ignite passion and excellence. Each clinic is designed for deep skill development and fun, ensuring a summer where every camper can pursue their passion and discover new ones.

Diverse Selectives for Every Interest

Riviera Prep's Senior Camp offers an impressive array of "Selectives" to complement our specialized clinics, ensuring every camper can explore a wide range of interests and activities. Whether you're into sports, arts, technology, or unique hobbies, our Selectives provide the freedom to tailor your summer experience with something new and exciting every day.


Courtney Young
Director - Senior Camp
(786) 300-0300