Arts Camp, Tech Camp, What Camp? 3 Unique Summer Camp Programs That Rock

Arts Camp, Tech Camp, What Camp? 3 Unique Summer Camp Programs That Rock

Summer camps and summer programs have a lengthy history with summertime extracurricular activities in the United States. The educational importance of students not being idle throughout summer break is vital to consistent adolescent development. That said, very few children want to be confined within the walls of a school building for the three warmest, sunniest months of the year. 

In 2016 alone, there were approximately 2.63 million students enrolled in private elementary schools. That's a lot of children who need their time occupied during the summer. Fortunately, summer camps have evolved a great deal. Here are few types of camps that'll catch the interests of students across the board.

Arts Camps

These camps thrive with performance, visual art, and design interested students. They provide a great space to explore their artistic talents, mess up, learn, and not feel the academic rigor of a class. Plus, arts camps put like-minded children together, fostering social bonds that play a pivotal part in artistic collaboration. 

Technology Camps

Robotics, coding, gaming, everything a young technology guru can think to tinker with. These camps bring children from tech interest to tech practice. Whether it's building battle-bots, coding their first computer program, or helping design video games, their hands are on the controls. The importance of learning how technology works whilst in a fun learning atmosphere is everything tech camps are about. 

Adventure Camps

Along the lines of a more traditional idea of what summer camps consist of, adventure camps take children out of the everyday and into the wild. Backpacking, whitewater rafting, outdoor survival skills, rock climbing, etc., these are all pieces of important physical activities that remind students how wide and beautiful the world is. For those who want to stay outside all day and all night, adventure camps are perfect. They'll learn just how much respect nature deserves, meanwhile learning how to be responsible citizens of earth. 

These are only a few of the types of summer camps out there, but many of them boil down to simple ideas. They're meant for growth. Mentally, emotionally, socially, and, yes, even academically. Everything is a learning environment and camps are targeted learning environments aimed at making meaning of particular interests. Oh, we forgot one part: camps are an absolute blast. Do some research this summer, find the perfect summer program for your child, and they'll have stories for life.

Arts Camp, Tech Camp, What Camp? 3 Unique Summer Camp Programs That Rock

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