Considering Private School? Make Sure to Ask These 5 Questions

Considering Private School? Make Sure to Ask These 5 Questions

The school you choose for your child, whether it's preschool, middle school, or high school, is going to have a major impact on your child's life. From their first day of preschool to their graduation day, the education they receive is going to help shape their future. This is why it's important to choose the right school for your child. Unfortunately, this isn't always an easy process. So if you're considering a private school, here are a few important questions you should ask to allow you to make an informed decision.

What is the school's philosophy? Schools can vary in philosophies when it comes to academics, activities outside of the classroom, and even simply how students are expected to act in the classroom. These philosophies should align with your views as a parent and what you're looking for in an education for your child.

How do the teachers interact with the students? Is the classroom primarily quiet and students are expected to sit there and listen? Or do the teachers make an effort to interact with students in their class? Your child is going to spend several hours a week with their teacher, and you want to ensure you're comfortable with the way teachers interact with the students at the school.

What does your curriculum look like? Curriculum guidelines should be a deciding factor in whether or not you choose to send your child to a school. You should not only ask about which classes students take, but what the school's curricular approach is as well. This will help you better understand if the school is more student-focused and how the curriculum varies from grade to grade.

How is student progress tracked? Each school measures and monitors student achievement differently. Whether it's through regular testing or term papers, your child's progress in day school needs to be properly tracked. You should inquire about how this is done so you can know how you'll be updated on your child's achievements.

Do you offer extracurriculars? Day school is not just about academics -- students need to be involved with extracurricular activities as well. If your child is older, you may want to look for schools that offer activities they already show an interest in. But if you're looking at private preschools, consider a school with a wide variety of extracurriculars to appease varying interests.

With 25% of schools in the U.S. being private schools, admission to private day schools is sought after by many parents. So, keep these questions in mind when visiting potential schools to aid in your decision.

Considering Private School? Make Sure to Ask These 5 Questions

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