The ABCs Of Top Rated Private Schools

The ABCs Of Top Rated Private Schools

Education is a cornerstone of many communities across America, and a parent's choice of where they send their child to school is an important one. Top rated private schools often have certain qualities in common, such as their small class sizes or parental engagement. Parents can sort out the top rated private schools from the pack by looking for certain qualities that will ensure an outstanding education for their child.

  • Advanced Placement Courses. Private high schools provide challenging educational opportunities with these college-level courses.

  • Balanced Social Life. Not only do students need a thriving academic atmosphere, but they also need opportunities to socialize with others their age while they're at school.

  • Community Environment. The best schools engage all teachers, faculty members, and community members in their drive for success.

  • Extracurricular Activities. After-school activities such as drama, sports, fine arts, music, and community service give students the chance to explore their passions and develop important skills outside of academics.

  • Great Facilities. The top rated private schools will have well-stocked libraries, labs for every science, and high-quality athletic facilities.

  • Impressive Finances. Private schools should be well-funded and on solid footing, so much that they are able to offer generous financial aid.

  • Meaningful Relationships. At the end of your child's educational journey, they should have built strong relationships with their teachers, peers, counselors, and coaches that will last throughout their life.

  • Options For Higher Education. The best private schools are meant to be stepping stones for the country's best colleges and universities and they should provide opportunities for students to explore their options before enrolling.
  • Parental Involvement. Compared to the 24% of public school teachers who report that a lack of parental involvement is a problem, only 3% of private school teachers report the same, showing that the parents at private schools truly care about their children's education.

  • Small Class Sizes. When your child is in smaller classes, they will receive more one-on-one time and the teacher will treat them like an individual person, not a number.

  • Teacher Performance. The teachers at private schools should have outstanding credentials and tangible passion about the subjects they teach.

The private school that you choose for your child should have a good number of these qualities. Most importantly, the school should feel right. Your child should feel comfortable there and inspired by the school community to become dedicated to their education.

The ABCs Of Top Rated Private Schools

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