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Welcome to Riviera Schools!

As you begin your search for the right school for your child, we hope to give you some insight into what makes a Riviera education so special.

Riviera is more than an exceptional school; it is a second home. It is a place where students are nurtured and challenged from preschool through high school, in a familial and student-centered environment. Our low student/teacher ratio, highly qualified faculty, advanced curriculum, competitive athletic program, innovative STEM programs, and so much more, offer our students the opportunity to reach their full potential, while preparing them for success in college and beyond.

Being part of the Riviera family for over twenty years as a parent, grandparent, and Director of Admission, I have a unique perspective on our school’s commitment to each student. Our campus culture and diverse student body foster a supportive community in which students with different talents, skills, and interests can thrive.

Please take some time to explore our website. I encourage you to schedule a campus visit to personally experience a day at Riviera. Our admissions team looks forward to meeting you!


Olga L. Mestre
Director of Admissions


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We are Global

Our global community provides the ideal setting for students, families, and faculty of diverse backgrounds and experiences to engage in meaningful academic, personal, and social pursuits.


Our children have attended Riviera Day and Prep School since 2012. The school does an amazing job at supporting them academically, with a strong curriculum and extra-curricular activities that challenge them in every aspect. We feel blessed to be part of the Riviera family, and to experience daily the sense of community and strong family values. Diego and Ana Laura dos Santos Lara, Parents '22 '25
-38.416097, -63.616671


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-16.290154, -63.588653



Riviera Preparatory School brings together all the qualities students and parents dream of: resources, a strong academic curriculum, and a team composed of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. Our daughter, who is far from her country of origin, family, and friends, finds Riviera an environment that makes her feel welcome, safe, and loved.

Alipio Guedes & Monica Maciel – Parents '21

-14.235004, -51.92528


I enjoy helping my Riviera students to discover the beauty and the fundamental nature of mathematics, and encourage them to appreciate and love this subject."Mrs. Galia Ilonova, Teacher
42.733883, 25.485829


56.130366, -106.3467



Having our three kids going to school happily ever day is absolutely PRICELESS. We are privileged to be part of the Riviera family. It is all thanks to the teamwork, passion, dedication, effort, sweat and tears of all teachers, administration and staff that makes Riviera exceptional. We are extremely thankful."
- Pauline Guzman, Parents '21, '23, '27

-35.675147, -71.542968


The amicable teachers and staff take care of every student in this school, which made me feel at home. Riviera provides diverse activities for you, and the athletic programs are outstanding! Classmates are extremely friendly and warm-hearted, and willing to help you solve your puzzles about your studies and daily life. I really enjoyed studying at Riviera." Nan Zheng, '19
35.86166, 104.19539



I love the environment at school! It's very nurturing, organized, and friendly."

- Silvana Orengo, '23

4.570868, -74.29733


45.1, 15.20000


As parents of five children, at Riviera we see the quality of the education at all levels, where the children are encouraged to discover who they are through enrichment activities that allow students to explore various avenues for their future.Jose and Maridely Sena, Parents '18 '21 '23 '24 '27
21.521757, -77.781166


56.26392, 9.501785

Dominican Republic

18.735693, -70.162650


Riviera has been my home since I was five years old. All the amazing teachers make learning so much fun. The years I've spent learning and growing here are some I will remember for the rest of my life. Daniela Romano, '24
-1.831239, -78.183405


As an international student, Riviera welcomed me, supported me, and most importantly, Riviera gave me all the tools to assimilate and integrate into my new life. My involvement in different extracurricular activities, and school life has definitely broadened my experiences and prepared me for the future. Xavier Pugh, '18
46.227638, 2.21374900


51.165691, 10.451526


As students of Riviera for 4 years, my sister Madison and I have always taken pleasure in knowing that our teachers and coaches are truly dedicated to helping us succeed. They, and the numerous facilities and programs made available to us, along with the kind individuals we have met, have made us feel wholeheartedly welcome in the Riviera community."Ashley Nifah, '20


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32.427908, 53.688045


We were so lucky to find the school when we moved from Ireland, with excellent teachers and staff, who care about the kids. The boys are so happy here. It's like an extended family.Laura Merry, Parent '28 '28
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41.87194, 12.567379


Riviera was Kimo's perfect fit. If I were to design a school for my son, this would be it. From academics, to teachers, to friends, and music, Kimo grew and made Riviera his own. Through diligence and hard work you may achieve success. Although the work is challenging, Kimo thrived and loved every minute. Angela Chin-Hing, Parent '19


36.204824, 138.252924


30.585164, 36.238414




"I have learned many things. I am grateful for being in Riviera. The best school ever!"

"The best school in the entire world. All the teachers are really nice, and I feel safe here."Diego and Santiago Maussan, '25 '28
23.634501, -102.55278

New Zealand


Riviera has definitely mentally challenged me, but in the best way possible."

- Anna Grigson, '21

-40.900557, 174.88597


12.865416, -85.207228


9.081999, 8.6752770


30.375321, 69.345115


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51.919438, 19.145135



Puerto Rico

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45.943161, 24.966760


I love my school and teachers. I cannot wait for the school year to start. Nicholas Lopez-Shakhov, '30
61.52401, 105.31875


56.490671, -4.2026458


South Africa

-30.559482, 22.9375059


In today's fast changing environment, our teachers at Riviera Day School educate our children to think globally, and prepare them for tomorrow's challenges; never forgetting to put our children first by acting with a simple human touch.Peter Cerda, Parent '29
40.4168, 3.7038

South Korea

35.9078, 127.7669


60.1281610, 18.643501


46.818188, 8.2275119

Trinidad & Tobago

10.691803, -61.222503



United Kingdom

Choosing the right school is probably the number one concern when moving to a new country with small children. We decided on Riviera because of its real family-friendly atmosphere, where the welfare of the children comes first. With a Spanish mother, British father, and twins born in Dubai, we value diversity and we felt Riviera would offer this. We couldn't have made a better choice. Paul Moultrie, Parent

United States

Time and again, our family's trust in Riviera Schools has proven to be well placed. The dynamic faculty, administration, and student body at Riviera create an environment where each of our three children, with their diverse ages, personalities and interests, have been able to thrive both academically and socially. When kids are this happy and secure at school, they reach their full potential."Tracey and Victor Brown, Parents '16 '17 '21
37.09024, -95.71289


We love to be part of the Riviera family!"Mrs. Juliana Perez Miralles, Parent '20 '22



Riviera admits students regardless of disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, color, creed, ethnic origin, or national origin who possess the motivation, ability, and character which would enable them to succeed in our school community and affords them the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school, and Riviera does not discriminate on the basis of disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, color, creed, ethnic origin, or national origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, financial aid programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.